Tri-Boro Volunteer Ambulance Corps
 Montvale ~ Park Ridge ~ Woodcliff Lake NJ
Serving Proudly Since 1938

Appilcation Information

Applicants need to be at least 16 years of age, physically fit and able to perform the duties of an EMT.

1. Membership begins with filling out the application and an in person meeting with the Membership Committee. At this meeting a lot of questions can be asked and answered by both the Committee and the applicant. If the applicant is under the age of 18, a parent must accompany them. If the applicant is still interested in volunteering hours with TBVAC upon completion, a form is given to them to present to the school they choose showing they are being sponsored by TBVAC.   

2.  Once the application is approved information is given on how to register to become a student at one of our Bergen County EMT Schools. Courses are 250 hours, usually 2 nights a week, some weekends and computer work at home (five days a week if taken during summer).  The web site for BC EMS   

3.  When the course completes there is a school based test and then a New Jersey EMT Test that is set up at the school. Then there is a very nice official graduation at one of the schools where parents and friends can attend.  We usually try to attend the event to applaud our NEW EMT's graduation. 

4.  Our new EMT now sets up a meeting with the Membership Committee to receive a drug form to take locally to have a drug test done. 

5. Once we have received the negative drug test results, we will contact the applicant to meet again to welcome them in as a member. They will be given an orientation packet which explains who the members are to contact next to get onto a crew. Once they are on a crew they are given a pager. During their Duty Crew time slot, if the pager goes off, they are to call in and come to the building in a safe manner.

As you can see, applicants must be interested and motivated to become an EMT. It is the most rewarding opportunity you can imagine. It is information that they will take with them for a lifetime.